Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Diana Rubino; The Ins And Outs Of Submissions with Moongypsy Press

Dear Reader,

Diana Rubino, author and Acquisitions Editor of Moongypsy Press stops by to give you the insider’s look of how she sees the process, giving you helpful hits on the do’s and don’t’s when it comes to submission:

I'd love to see submissions in my favourite genres: Paranormals, especially anything to do with ghosts or communicating with the spirit world; Historicals set any time in U.S. history or Medieval or Renaissance Europe, a page-turning whodunit, any genre with comedy in it, or non-fiction dealing with any New Age subjects such as meditation, spirituality, the law of attraction theme, or reincarnation.

My pet peeves are authors who send in manuscript that aren't proofread, with typos, prose that hasn't been tightened, too much back story in the first few chapters, endless internal monologue, and too much head-hopping between characters within a scene.

I advise ALL writers to join a critique group, and have your book critiqued by your partners before sending it to a publisher. Critique partners should be authors who also read/write in your genres. Every book needs at least another pair of eyes -- I know all mine do!

Thank you,

Diana Rubino

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