Friday, March 5, 2010

Kayden's Work In Progress: Maeryn

Dear Reader,

What’s happening?! For me? Lots and lots of writing.

I typically write Paranormal, like my ‘signature’, if you will. And while I still consider this still under my ‘paranormal’ kick, the book I am currently working on would most likely be considered Fantasy, technically.

It is called Maeryn, and the main character is named Ethan. So, a little more about that;

Ethan loses the most important person in the world to him, his mother. He feels so alone, because he knows he’s different than anyone else…he just never figured out how much that was. As it turns out Ethan isn’t human, but Sith…or is he? Not even his family is sure when he departs on an adventure of his own making. He travels to an alternative-universe, a prison for all of the fey, banished to for all of eternity, to protect humankind from their magic.

Maeryn is a strange world, nothing like earth, or anything Ethan has ever known; with the purple sky, silver sun and stars that never disappear. The plants look fake, not even a mar on single leave. Nothing ever dies, and creatures are stuff of legends and stories.

The journey begins quite by accident when he harms a fairy, taking him on a path to reveal his destiny. As it turns out, Ethan is the rightful-heir to the throne of the Sith.

The current high-royal, Carnag, wants him to take his place, so he can continue on with his work with a lackey for a political front. The king has a plan to guarantee his place in the kingdom forever; to steal the magic of all those who live in this realm, and ensure no one could fight him. To do that, he must travel, something the Sith courtiers will not accept in their official ruler.
But Ethan falls in love and disrupts the plan. Teranika is a Sith who believes in the freedom of her people, and all the races of Maeryn; everything from the Rakshasas, dragons to even the wee ones. But Teranika sees Ethan as yet another threat to that goal, leading him away from Carnag and the Sith kingdom.

A messenger intercedes, demanding Ethan’s presence in the farthest regions of Maeryn, with the most omniscient and terrifying beings the world knows, and few understand. The Mazikeen. And they reveal to Ethan, that no matter how impossible it may be, Ethan’s destiny is far bigger than he ever realized.

I’ll post some excerpts when I am a little further along!

Cheers, and have a good weekend!


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