Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dear Reader,

Actually I'm trying to finish the first book in my DARKNESS OF DRAGONS TRILOGY, which is DRAGONS'S PEARL. I don't know if I told you my New Year's Resolution was to finish the first book in all the series I've outlined. I thought I'd just zip along, doing one a month, plus my other necessary tasks.(Most do have the first 3 chapters written) Ha! Reality has struck hard. Here it is the end of March and I'm two or three chapters from finishing even the first book of the first series. This series supposes that ages ago, Merlin stole magic from the fearsome black dragon, who then came after him. But the wizard was able to seal this dragon in a mountan cave. But to keep him there, Merlin had to chose a female of his blood line to be the Keeper, and two males who carried dragon blood, one of whom would be the Guardian. Why two? Because a third person of dragon's blood was necessary to set the wards that would keep the black dragon imprisoned. But when those carrying both blood lines emigrated to America, the black dragon, greatly weakened, came, too. As the dragon regained strength it had to be shut away and wards set again. Now imprisoned in a huge stope of an abandoned copper mine, a Keeper and Guardian of the now diluted blood lines are necessary to keep the dragon from escaping. As the chant goes:

Dragon heart is dragon stone

Holds within all that is known.

Ancient as earth's molten core

Gleaming with forbidden lore.

Lest the Keeper not take care

Lest the Guardian fail to share

All mankind must then beware.


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