Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tabitha Shay, and Witch's Fire

Dear Readers,

I hope you’ll enjoy the blurb from my latest release, Witch’s Fire, book five in the Winslow witches of Salem series. In this excerpt, Kirrah is just realizing the potential of her magical powers.



In a world where magic is dying―two people meet under unusual circumstances…

Realm of lightNew to this witchy stuff, Kirrah Walker crashes her broom into a stranger and knocks him unconscious. Feeling guilty, she takes him home with her and nurses him back to health. However, she soon discovers a terrible secret―the stranger is on a mission to assassinate a witch. Now Kirrah must decide if she’ll set him free or keep him tied to the headboard of her bed…

World of darknessPrince Stry, future King of Ru-Noc awakens to find he’s not only a captive, but captivated by the charming witch who flutters around him like a nervous butterfly. Her magick is wild and so out of control, he knows in his heart he should steal her soul, but kissing Kirrah is habit-forming.

Kirrah and Strymagical beings who must face the fear of their past, acknowledge their future and trust in destiny in a world gone mad…


Apparently her plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill broom was in no hurry to cooperate with a landing.

Even if she knew the right words to bring it down, it had stopped listening to her commands the minute it soared away with her.


“Ahhhhhhh,” Kirrah screeched. She hadn’t known the broom had warp speed. “Ohh! Oh, shit, broom. Slow down!”

Of course, it totally ignored her.

In her mind, she heard its evil cackling. The broom was up to more tricks. It streaked across the sky faster than a speeding bullet.

Sure, it was exhilarating, a little on the chilly side, and every now and then she had to spit out some kind of attack bug, but it was fun, if a bit scary as hell soaring among the clouds.

She wasn’t used to flying, so it was even scarier when the broom rocked unsteadily, like now, and kicked in passing gear. Kirrah choked her fingers around the scrawny handle, which only seemed to make the broom even more unsteady.

Was that a gagging sound she heard?

“Release me.” Cough. Splutter. Cough.

Kirrah’s thought her eyes might bulge right out of their sockets. “You talk?” She stared at the handle. No mouth. “Nah, you can’t talk.”

“You’re choking me.”

“Oh, oh, shit-shit-shit! You can talk.”

“Re-lease…me,” the broom said in a strained voice.

Kirrah eased the choke-hold she had on the handle.

“Weeee,” the broom chortled excitedly, climbing even higher.

Kirrah controlled the urge to tighten her fingers again.

What a miserable night this had turned out to be. One minute she’d been standing in her kitchen doorway gazing up at the dark sky, intoxicated by the frigid night air and admiring the tiny sliver of moon playing peek-a-boo with the clouds.

She’d been talking to herself―a terrible flaw she’d recently developed―and wishing aloud for a closer view of the moon. The next moment―the mundane little broom swooshed beneath her butt and took off in the night with her perched precariously on top of it.

“Good heavens,” Kirrah shrieked, so startled, she barely had time to grip the broom handle before it soared off into the dark and zoomed over the treetops with her held captive. That was when she realized…she was a for-sure-and-certain witch.

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Ginger Simpson said...

Those who haven't read a Tabitha Shay book yet are missing out on a great writing style. Her ability to mix humor with paranormal, fantasy and sex gives your goosebumps and giggles at the same time. I love this lady and I'm a staunch fan. I encourage you to treat yourself to her "witchy" series.

Cindy Jacks said...

I loved this book, Tabs :) I was fortunate enough to win a copy and it is fantastic!

Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Miz Ging,
TY so much!The day I can put together a story as good as any one of your wonderful historicals, I'll feel like I've accomplished something...Thanks so much for dropping by...Huggles...Tabs

Tabitha Shay said...

Hey There, Miz Cindy,
Ooh, I forgot you'd won a glad you enjoyed it...Thanks for coming by and saying how much you loved the book...WF was a lot of fun to write...I couldn't resist the

Kayden McLeod said...

Tabs, you know I adore you! I think all the excerpts that I have read have been wonderful and I can not wait to read more.


Tabitha Shay said...

Thanks, Kayden,
Appreciate all your help...Tabs

booklover0226 said...

Tabitha's works are wonderful. A reader is never disappointed.

I look forward in reading Witch's Fire.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Maggie Dove said...

Hi, Tabs! This one is another winner!


Tabitha Shay said...

Hi Tracey,
Great to see you here....Thanks so much for your wonderful compliments about my books...Tabs

Tabitha Shay said...

As always, it's so good to see you...thanks for coming by....Tabs