Friday, January 8, 2010

Julie A D'Arcy Presents: Darkness I Weep

Darkness I Weep

By: Julie A D'Arcy

Coming Soon, By Moongypsy Press


Vincent D’Armano, cursed by a Cheyenne Shaman with the ability to feel emotion, finds himself drawn to the very woman who could destroy him—in more ways than one.

Detective Elara Gale hates vampires after her childhood boyfriend is murdered by one and she sees him fleeing from the scene. So when she discovers the dark stranger she is already more than half in love with is none other than the vampire she is hunting, her loyalties are torn between her desire for Vincent’s touch and her duty to the law.

Can Vincent and Elara, after finding a way back in time fight to stop Epatha, his Sire, and the creature that threatens his every move, from making Vincent a vampire again, and save his mortal soul. Or will his struggle once more be in vain.

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Anonymous said...

I just left this on her blog. I love the tease!