Saturday, January 9, 2010

Showcasing Moongypsy: A Note From Kayden...

Dear Readers,

This month we’re showcasing the paranormal side of the brand new publishing-house, Moongypsy Press. I’m so thrilled to present our talent to you, and not just the authors either, but the behind-the-scene wizards that allow us to give you perfection in pages.

We’ve already gotten started, but aren’t nearly finished yet…

Books Coming Soon From Moongypsy Press, Tentative Launch: January 25th 2010

The Book Of Absolute Truths, By Trent Kinsey

Who’s To Blame, By Trent Kinsey

Witch’s Fire, By Tabitha Shay

Darkness I Weep, By Julie A D’Arcy

Deep Water Legends, By Kayden McLeod

As well, we have a gallery of Dawné Dominique’s Cover Art for MP, and Trent Kinsey posts about his desire to know about your paranormal experiences…

And also coming this month, our very own Marketing-Manager, Tina will be stopping by to tell you about what’s up and coming with us, and the owner of MP, Foery will be giving us an excerpt from Laird of the Mist, and coming to say hello! In addition, a have a few more authors lined up.

We’re all so excited for Launch…none of us can really sit still! Tehe. So come on, and join us for a ride of a lifetime!


Happy Reading…

Kayden McLeod


Trent Kinsey said...

It's so exciting as we make the final approach to launch! I am looking forward to all that Moongypsy has to offer now and in its future.

Dawné Dominique said...

Ohhh, this is very exciting, and a whole lot less embarrassing than your post below. But thank so much, Kayden.

I'm counting down the days.


Kayden McLeod said...

Trent....totally agree...

Dawne... embarrassing?! It's only the truth! Ha.