Friday, January 8, 2010

The things that can't be explained

I'd like to believe that all of us have experienced some type of paranormal occurrence at some point or another in our lives. The mysterious ghost that turns on your radio to that strange guy down the street you'd put money on is a vampire or werewolf… There are things we witness in some of our lives that just can't be explained. For some reason, we reach an age and the belief that there are strange things that can't be explained don't exist anymore. The veil between our world and it thickens and makes it harder to see.

And yet, we suspend our disbelief when we go to the movies or read a story of the paranormal by one of our favorite authors…But, deep inside we think about that one experience…That one moment in time when we were the main character in our own paranormal adventure. We think of that radio, or freak occurrence and something inside us wants us to believe again.

And then comes that day. The day you know you put the fork on the table and as you turn to get your drink from the refrigerator, you hear the utensil hit the floor. You play it off, telling yourself you just placed it to close to the edge, but in the deep recesses of your mind, you know it was nowhere near the edge. But do you believe?

So I pose this question: What do you believe in? Have you seen a ghost? Been bitten by a sexy vamp? What about a demon that became fascinated with you?


Maggie Dove said...

I've never been bitten or seen a ghost (thank the Lord!) but I do agree that strange things the time that I lost my hotel key and I used the telephone in my hotel room to report it lost, after my husband and I had looked for it everywhere and it was no where to be found...and after going to the lobby and retrieving a new key...I enter my room and standing by the door, I see the lost key right
by the telephone. There is no way the key had been there when I called the lobby from that same phone. My husband and I couldn't believe it. I'm glad my husband had been looking for the key as well in the room because he would have thought that I simply did not see the key before, but he knew better. It had not been there. I commented it to the guy at the Front Desk the next morning and he laughed and told me that they all thought there was a ghost in that hotel for years! The elevators travel and open when there is nobody inside. Things like that!

Trent Kinsey said...

Now that is creepy, Maggie! Thanks for sharing that one...Like I said, we've all had our experiences, choosing to believe them or not, and they seem to stick with us forever...especially when we hear, see or read about it happening to someone else.

Thanks again for repying!