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Vampire Love in the Afternoon!

Sadistic? Check. Domination? Check. Happiness?
Not for all.

Antonio Welshire accepts the mysterious Mestiphles' offer for vampiric power, but fails to consider that not all in his family desires evil. Daughter Victoria revels in the debauchery, but eldest daughter Samantha loathes the darkness. Charismatic rebel Gaston turns up to rival for Antonio's power; the vampire lover Jean can destroy them once and for all, and henchwoman Lilith seeks to supplant Antonio as Mestiphles' favorite. Who will be declared the victor? And in the end, though they've survived coven wars and persecutions since the 12th century, can The Vampire Family survive each other?

Killing his abusive parents isn't enough for Antonio Welshire. Rape and death follow him through his youth in the 12th Century-until a stranger named Mestiphles give Antonio unimaginable vampire powers. Fearful yet captivated by his allure, Antonio's adopted sisters Ann and Elizabeth share this gift with him and their children-Victoria, James, Samantha, and Stephen. Antonio is a cruel ruler , and after his defeat of the young rebel Gaston, Antonio struggles with Lilith-another magical pet also created by Mestiphles. Antonio's vampire family grows over the centuries, each vampire loving and losing vampire fledglings over time. Wars, persecutions come and go, but the family's troubles always stem from within. Elizabeth may be his wife, but Ann supplants her as Antonio's mistress. By the 20th century, Elizabeth has found love again-unfortunately her fledgling Jean shares Samantha's disdain for the vampire life. Will The Vampire Family self destruct before the 21st Century?

It may be afternoon, but here at The World of the Paranormal, we're always in the spirit of the night. So, Good Evening I say to all our Pale, spooky, and macabre friends! I'm ready for falling leaves, pumpkins, harvests, and Halloween-aren't you? Have autumn early with me and my 2008 Eternal Press release The Vampire Family!

The Vampire Family began life as a simple vampire story passed among friends in high school way back when. Since its 2008 ebook release from Eternal Press, The Vampire Family has grown in popularity due to hype from online stalwarts such as Paranormal Romance, Coffee Time Romance, Fallen Angel Reviews, and Night Owl Romance among others. This summer, the undead buzz exploded for our paperback release, currently available on Amazon. In addition to virtual appearances, I've visited the Philadelphia Book Festival and the Collingswood Book festival in support of The Vampire Family. This year, we'll be visiting the Collingswood Fest again, in addition to several local bookstore appearances. If you're in the New Jersey area, check out our calender at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo group for a complete list of real world signings.

Blending horror, dark fantasy, and paranormal romance; the trials and tribulations of The Vampire Family are tough to pigeon hole. There's plenty of historical action, contemporary horror, ill fated romance, and dastardly vampire covens to span the novel's journey from 12th century Britain to the 21st century and beyond. Here's a quick old world blurb to bring some vamp to your lunch hour!

“Catherine?” Antonio’s shadowy figure stood at her door. The tiny flame shortened in a clump of wax as the maid looked up.
“Yes, sir?” She set down her quill. “You sound different, sir. Are you ill?”
“Yes.” He stepped toward her. “I need your help.”
The dim light shined in his face. He couldn’t see. His eyes felt bloodshot, and his hands seemed pale as the candle flickered. He put his hands on Catherine’s arms. She felt warm to his cold touch. Sharp teeth cut the inside of his lips.
Antonio’s voice trembled. His hands shook. “I need your help.”
“Of course, sir.” She put her arms on his, but Antonio shook and felt the muscles of his forearm clench. “What can I do? Here, sit down.”
His arms came around her waist. Antonio heard her blood rush and saw her face flush. He put his head down on her chest. She trembled, but held Antonio’s head.
“Such overwhelming!” He spoke more to himself than Catherine. His words and hot breath were muffled against her. “Now I know what Mestiphles meant. I know what to do. I need to do it. I have to have it!”
“I’ll get some water.” Catherine was about to get up, but Antonio clenched his hands tighter around her.
“No,” he said hoarsely. His nails dug into her sides, and she winced. Antonio relaxed his grip, and she allowed his hands to roam. He unlaced her dressing gown. His hands stopped shaking, and bewitched, Catherine gave him total control. He pulled the loosened gown off her shoulders and swept Catherine to her feet in one swift motion. Yes, he knew she was captivated and paralyzed. He could be so frightening, yet masculine and desirable. Antonio put his head to her neck and bit the pumping jugular.
She flinched, but her blood flowed into Antonio’s mouth. The short life drain was ecstatic, but soon grew empty. Her life was now in him.
Antonio let Catherine’s limp body fall to the bed. He had her, and now he wanted more.

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Up next writing wise is a horror short story I've been going back and forth on called The Haberdasher. Samples of this and other short stories are available on the Yahoo Group. I've also done some editing work on my pal Leigh Wood's sf erotica On The Way To New Isosceles. Looks for her release this November! I've done several interviews recently talking about these and The Vampire Family, most notably with Raine Delight

While I should be working on The Vampire Family's two sequels, tentatively titled Tales From The Vampire Family and Requiem for The Vampire Family- ingenious titles, I know!- I'm doing some more virtual appearances, too. Look for us this September:

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October is packed up like a crypt as you can imagine! To get in on the vampire action, check out our affordable ebook edition from Eternal Press. If you need the feel of a real book in your hands, check out our paperback edition on sale from Amazon. If you have an account at Fictionwise or the Barnes and Noble virtual storefront, you can pick up a copy of The Vampire Family there, too.

All right, no more links! I've scared everyone enough for one day! Horror, sex, blood, and gore, it's back to the spooky sequel world for me!

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