Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Real Monsters

Growing up, I had the advantage of both Saturday morning movies with the classic monsters, like Bela Lugosi's Dracula, Lon Chaney's Wolf Man and the original Frankenstein's monster. Then there were the horror comics. Loved them, devoured them. Then, I was also a reader of mysteries and horror and sci-fi. Couldn't get enough. I would read during math class (fiction-nokt math.)It was an addiction. When I began writing fiction, I started out with romance.Ummm-write what you read! Learned that, switched to mysteries. But they still fell flat. Added in the paranormal just for fun, and it worked, especially when sprinkled liberally with humor. So in my Tali Cates books, the setting is a small town in bible belt Texas.In the first book, "Privy to Murder" there is a murder in an outhouse coupledwith a ghost sighting. The main character has a paranormal gift, she can see the recent history of an object by touching it, but she hates everything to do with paranormal stuff. After her marriage breaks up, she moves in with her mom, who regularly communes with two spirit guides. Oops. Once the murder happens and Tali realises she must solve the mystery to get rid of an angry ghost, things become even more interesting.The premise behind my world of Love, Texas is simple.THE MONSTER UNDER THE BED IS REAL. I love taking to ordinary people and making them face a shift in the world they've always lived in, beliefs they've had since childhood. What if ghosts really could demand that you do something, or your boyfriend did turn out to be a vampire and your daughter was dating a werewolf? What woiuld you do, deny it, embrace it, run like hell?

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Linda Wisdom said...

My kind of books! Same with Saturday morning horror movies.