Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Small View of Tabitha Shay’s Vampire World

Hi Readers,

When I first began writing the Winslow witches of Salem series, I had no plans to write a series. Certainly, I had no idea of bringing vampires into the brand new world I was creating. I’m sure as with most authors, once I sat down and began to have a bit of a vision quest, the ideas went totally berserk. I couldn’t get a handle on them. First, the witch world of Ru-Noc grew. But then, I knew I had to have an antagonist.

Where were these characters going to come from? And why? What did they want? And again…why did they want it? Okay. I was on a roll. I had my witch characters…the good, the bad, the ugly.

Aha! As my world of magic grew and grew, I had to stop and think a bit more. Was this battle between good and evil only going to involve this one single realm? Then…Why should it? Why shouldn’t they have neighboring realms other than humans? If I have a witch world, then why not include all the other species we’re familiar with? Vampires. Werewolves. Demons. The plot thickened.

Slowly, my other realms began to take shape, but I didn’t want to overwhelm my readers with so many worlds and characters all at once. So I stuck to the original idea and developed my witch world. Then as each book progressed, I began to filter in the other realms and with these other realms, also came the good, the bad, the ugly.

It wasn’t just Ru-Noc that was in trouble and on the brink of war, on the brink of becoming extinct.

Like Ru-Noc, each of my realms has their great leaders…their heroes and heroines who fight just to keep their way of life alive, but as the battles start taking shape, as these wars begin to overlap, each hero and heroine find themselves pulled into the other realms when they really want no part of them.

As the heroes and heroines meet and fall in love, they discover they can no longer live in a vacuum and ignore what is happening in their neighboring worlds. Thus, the witch world spills over into the vampire realm, but more than this, the male witches suddenly discover their numbers are few. Their females are breeding with their one major enemy, the Demons. Their species is being eradicated.

In my vampire realm, they have their own war going on and choose to leave the witches to their fate. The vampires I create are mostly the typical vampires we’re all used to reading about. They can’t go out in the sunlight, but some have learned to tolerate a few minutes of early morning sunlight. They have to have blood to survive and they certainly aren’t ashamed of this fact. The males are sensual, sexual beings who have no problem ‘sexing’ any female from any race, be they witches, werewolves, humans…well, you get the idea.
Some sleep in coffins. Some don’t.

Their world is made up of laws and rules that have worked perfectly well for them for many centuries…but that is all about to change. After all, they no longer live in medieval times.
My vampires are an ancient race, even more ancient than my witches, but they didn’t begin life in the human realm they now co-exist in. They come from the realm known as Pi-Ram. They choose to live in Romania/Transylvania and have broken their bonds with their home realm…they think.

Of course, they arrived in Romania long before Vlad the Impaler made his debut. My vampires can read minds without sharing their blood. They have several rulers and each Prince of Darkness has a small principality where they will eventually become the ruling king, but they still answer to the ONE KING…Dracula.

You know I couldn’t leave out the Father of Vampires…right?

Dracula, of course, is ancient. He’s a bit on the testy side, a total womanizer, but he loves his clans and will do whatever it takes to see that their way of life continues.
When the vampires first enter the witch series, Valerian, one of the ruling princes is on the verge of becoming king of his domain. But you just know there’s a fly in the ointment. He has a twin brother, Brasov who challenges his right to be king and since so many centuries have passed and no one can recall which of the brothers was born first, a decision must be reached.

A race for the throne begins in a most unusual way. Who becomes the ruling king will be decided by the Ancients, based on which brother takes a First Bride and breeds an heir first.

Sounds easy?
Not so.

Finding and acquiring a First Bride and even managing to keep her once obtained suddenly turns into a major challenge for our sexy vamps. The Brides come from different species, but the one thing they all agree on: First Bride…Only Bride.

They aren’t willing to share their new mates…only, the Prince’s of Darkness have laws they must live by. Three Brides is the law and there’s no changing it.

Our hunky vamps are caught up in their private battle to win a Bride when out of the blue they’re attacked by the same race that is slowly wiping out the witch realm...Demons.
Suddenly, the battles taking place in Ru-Noc is at their own front door and the vamps find if they want to survive, they’ll have to join forces with the witches…easier said than done when the witches aren’t too keen to become the vamps next meals.

Now dear reader, we have all kinds of wars taking shape and everyone is losing, except of course….the Demons.

In my next installment, I’ll tell you a little about the Werewolf realm I’ve created, Na-Cyl. Note: Na-Cyl is Lycan spelled backward.

Until next time…happy reading.

Tabitha Shay


Laura Herbertson said...

You certainly created a detailed world (I mean realm) that sounds amazing.

Tabitha Shay said...

Thanks, Laura,
Appreciate your comment....Tabs