Tuesday, May 25, 2010

High School Vampire's Bite, Kristin Battestella

A Plea from Victoria Welshire, beloved daughter of
The Vampire Family

I've had to visit more blogs than I'd like this year with my complaints, but apparently no one was listening. This emo, girlie girl, kiddie vampire phase has to stop. I've lived NINE hundred years and this whiny, teeny bopper vampire moment can't end fast enough for me. When I was what we now call a teenager, there wasn't high school cliques and bad boy romantic decisions. All this black eye makeup and spunky hair really gives the rest of us vampires a bad name-especially those whose story has been told long, long before.

Should you meet me in a dark alleyway in Philadelphia or London amid the stormy chill of a dark summer evening, remember the true meaning of the masks we vampires wear. I am not regretful, melancholy, or brooding. I'm not you're friend, and I'm
not your lover. You wish! But no, I'm a vampire to be feared and run away from, for I will eat you the first chance I get. Yes maybe I'll bat my eyes at the foolish gents or admire a lady's leather jacket. But when he's spent and she has no use for the jacket, only I'll remain. I can't speak for these other *dreamy* vamps, but our house is not one to be trifled with- just ask my sister.

My webmaster Kristin would have me remind you our complex, torrid tale can all be found in
The Vampire Family and its forthcoming sequel Fate and Fangs: A Collection of Tales from the Vampire Family Edited by Professor A. James. Not only is some of this new technology a little too speculative for me; but I have to say, it's a real pain the in ass Googling myself and having to weed through all these other references to some 'Cullen' family. The Welshires were here long before and from further away. Occultist Professor A. James is in the process of compiling more of our earlier records in order to make his fortunes. Until then, you'll just have to keep up with us through Kristin's efforts. Someone has to chronicle our latest adventure-to combat this hormonal vampire drivel if nothing else.

Victoria crept into her room and shut the door. She stood a moment in the dark.
Her dress was not plain, and she didn't eat crumbs. They lived better than
anyone anywhere although she knew no one beyond her castle.

Is Gaston right?

She lit the candle beside the entrance and saw Stephen on her bed.

"Did you have fun?" He inched toward her and pulled some moss from her hair.
"Our dear mothers have told us not to venture off. Yet every night you get on
your dark horse and ride off into the sunset. You are hiding something, and I
want to know what it is."

"Mind your own business." Victoria crossed her arms. Where James over sought
books and art, Stephen divulged in people too much. "We are too alike for you to
blackmail me."

The door opened, and Samantha peaked in.

"Mother is coming." She shut the door.

Goody Goody Girl.

"Tell me."


The door opened again and Ann entered.

"Stephen," she said sternly. "Get to your room and go to sleep."

The boy reluctantly followed his mother's orders.

"You best be getting to bed, too, Victoria."

Ann was strong willed, unlike Elizabeth, but Victoria enjoyed chiding her
father's mistress.

"I already have a mother. I don't listen to you."

Ann blew out the door side candle and left Victoria in the dark.




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