Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do You Believe In Ghosts? Kristin Manter

Is it just me or are there more shows on the television these days about hunting ghosts, detecting spirits, debunking hauntings, and trying to find answers to the afterlife? There is actually a show on the Animal Planet about animal ghosts called The Haunted. The one and only time I watched that specific show it was about a house turned gift shop that was being haunted by monkeys that had been used as test animals. Society has always had a morbid curiosity for what, if anything, happens after we close our eyes for our eternal slumber.

We hate saying goodbye to those we love, we enjoy the thrill of a good mystery, we rejoice in knowing that evil people might possibly be unable to rest in peace and so we are drawn to the idea of spirits roaming the earth; stories of people, the lives they lived, the way they died, and their activities since the time of their earthly death continue to become legend. With all the different type of E.V.P. And audio recording devices available in this day and age, we have certainly come a long way in communication with spirits from Ouiji boards and seances. Despite the technological advances, the quest is still the same, we are seeking proof that this life is not all that there is for us.

What wonderful inspiration for paranormal romances! It is warming to think that when you love somebody, or somebody loves you that that love can conquer even death and be the chains that bond a soul to this earth for eternity. This gives love that sense of selflessness that is often described as true love; is part of the very idea of soul mates. To know that somebody loves you so much that they are unwilling to pass onto heaven and eternal bliss simply because they can not stand the idea of being separated from another individual for even a temporary time is the perfect set up for a sappy romance.

Even better inspiration for a steamy and erotic fantasy. To feel the touch of somebody who may or may not really be there, to think of a spiritual voyeur watching you during your most personal and intimate times, to shudder at the pleasure that an unearthly being can bring is all wickedly naughty and taboo. Ghosts have the ability to effortlessly pass through solid objects like doors and walls, this skill can really emphasize the whole 'two become one flesh' concept of sex and can really make for powerful sensations as the spiritual being envelops the body, reaching places no physical being has ever been able to, literally going to depths unreached by anyBODY ever. This is a fantasy based less on the visual and more on perception, giving it power and fuel as it heats our imaginations.

“Hello there, my mistress,” he said with a low, honey-sultry voice. He bowed. “Thank you for summoning me. I am here to serve your every want and need until you grow tired of me and release me on your will.”
Sara licked her lips. She might just want to keep him around for an eternity. Still in a daze of disbelief and wonderment, Sara made her way toward him with careful, almost Parkinsonian-steps. Then she stared into his eyes that reflected an image of her. She looked at his highly-kissable lips and sculpted jaw-line. His Adam’s apple bobbed. He smelled like cedar wood and spices, with a hint of manly scent that came from acute sweating.
Phantoms could sweat?
He breathed and his body emitted warmth. And yet he had no shadow beneath the streetlights and the moon. Sara touched his face. Warm. She blinked. He took her hand and kissed it. The entire length of Sara’s spine tingled with delight. She sucked in her breath.
“I am here to serve your every want and need, my lovely mistress. What would you like me to do next?”
Sara pulled her hand away from the Phantom Lover and ran into her house, a plethora of feelings consuming her, from disbelief, fear, to arousal. Never in her life had she wanted to strip her clothes and make love to a stranger like so before. Right on her front lawn, hard and fast, and not caring if the neighbors see her humping the air. “

Phantom Lover excerpt by Aaron Sparx

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So, readers, my question today is this; Do you believe in ghosts? Is this a sub-genre in the paranormal romance/erotica line that interests you? Who are your favorite authors when it comes to stories of ghostly seductions?


D.M. Slate said...

When I was little we lived in a haunted house... I don't remember any of the occurrences by my mom swears that things happened that couldn't be explained. I love the idea of paranormal romance, although I can't write romance worth a darn. My current WIP is a murder mystery, where the ghost help solve her own murder. I tend to gravitate more toward the horror side of things, even in this paranormal story.

Kayden McLeod said...

Ohhhh, but we love your horror, Danyelle!!!!!!!!!! (This is the Royal Empress, right?)

D.M. Slate said...

Yep, that's the one. Takes place on my grandpa's farm, and Royal Empress is a play on words that doesn't really have much to do with the character that dies - well, not while she's alive anyway...
Great blog Kristin!

KatieO said...

Hi Kayden-
Love your post - yes, I believe in ghosts. We have a grandfatherly ghost who lives in our house! There are a lot of ghosts on Cape Cod... I also love the genre - my first published romantic suspense novel has a psychic heroine who can converse with ghosts.

I like reading Charlaine Harris, who has a non-Sookie series with a heroine who can see ghosts, as well as Victoria Laurie and Marley Gibson who write about female ghost hunters...

Happy Hauntings-
Katie O'Sullivan
Unfolding the Shadows, available from Ceridwen Press