Friday, September 11, 2009

A Different Breed Of Magic

Dear Reader,

In the world I’ve created, witches do exist, though their reason for being isn’t atypical to popular belief. Last time I told you a little about how vampires were created, but my witches are nothing more than a by-product of them.

To grow their numbers, vampires mated not only with each other, but with the humans they tried to ape. It took them a while to figure out they could convert these ‘new toys’ into something that resembled themselves. They bred, and those children were mortal half-bloods.

In those early days, before vampires had extensively diluted their blood by mixing so much with the humans and converted, the half-bloods had been almost as strong and powerful as their creators. They could bend the earth’s natural laws and manipulate energy however they saw fit.

Though there are still many thoroughly powerful witches among us today, their numbers as well have dwindled to near nothingness compared to what they used to be, but their lesser offspring run rampant. The thinned blood through the generations have sired a variety of different skills in humanity.

Sometimes it manifests as a singular power, such as telekinesis or a healing ability. Sometimes they are able to work with herbs and stones to focus with energy. Though on the occasion a powerful one much like their ancestors, emerges from the dredges. These half-humans harness terrifying power, and if they don’t have a guide to show them what they are, and how to manage their supremacy, the chances of madness skyrockets.

Most witches fear the vampires, and make a point of staying away from them. Even with the blood, they don’t fall under the Council’s rule, since their priority is their brethren and keeping the secrets safe. Though the establishment will not hesitate to kill a witch that endangers the secret.

There are many beings in my world, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Look forward to more!

Until Next Time…

Kayden McLeod

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